Duplicate Lead Management

Duplicate Leads got you down? Learn how to use Freedomsoft's Duplicate Lead Manager. You can not only find any duplicates in your account but then you can also manage them with multiple merge options. Duplicates are a reality as a real estate investor which is why we made managing them super simple inside of FreedomSoft.

This tool cleans up your lead lists, campaigns, and workspaces and make everything easier.  
You can search for duplicate records / leads in Seller Leads, Buyer Leads, Buyer List, & Contacts.
Here's how it works:

Select a List of Leads > hover over More > select Find Duplicates

The duplicate lead finder will prompt you to select the fields you want to use to search for duplicates, such as:

> Property Address
> Mailing Address
> Phone Number
> Primary Contact
> Owner of Record

Once the duplicate finder completes its run, you'll see a display of the results on your dashboard offering you several options.  

1 - You can re-run the search
2 - You can view duplicate leads
3 - You can merge duplicate leads 
4 - You can delete duplicate leads
If you view the duplicate leads, the page will refresh to a list view and automatically group the duplicates for each reference.  

Merging and Deleting duplicates gives you the option to use either the oldest lead, or the newest lead as the control.  
If you MERGE DUPLICATES, you'll have the option to Keep The Oldest Data, or Keep The Newest Data.  We call this "Picking Your Control Lead".  
You can either merge your oldest lead information into the newest lead, or the newest into the old.  It's up to you, and there is no "best practice", you just have to choose wether your oldest record or your newest record should be the control.

If there is no data in a field on your control record, but there is data in that field on a merging record, the merging data will be placed into that previously empty field.  When merging data, you'll end up with one complete record merging all information together.  
And, all of your communication history, documents, attachments, photo's, and tasks will be merged into one record.  

If you DELETE DUPLICATES, it's a very simple concept.  
Simply choose to keep the newest or oldest of the duplicate leads and delete all others.

I know you'll LOVE this new tool and it will help you take your lead management to the next level.
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