Lead Finder

Lead Finder allows you to access public records data to generate lists that you can then market to. Absentee leads, vacant leads, off-market leads, high equity leads, single-family, duplex, triplex, quadplex, and more can all be found using Lead Finder.

We give you thousands of free leads from Lead Finder each and every month and the video and step by step tutorial below will show you exactly how to access them.


1. Navigate to the Marketing tab, and click Lead Finder




2. Click Start Search and enter your search criteria starting with Geography.

3. You then can select property types, property filters, ownership types, financial filers, etc.

*You do not need to fill out every field unless you have specifics you are searching for.

 Please note: under Property Filters, if you leave the box checked to “Include Unknown” you will pull up any unpublished data there as well if the county does not have it on file.





4. Once your search populates you can see how many records are pulled up and start to view the details by clicking on the map. Here you can see the street view etc.




5. Next select the leads from the search using the “This Page” or “All Pages” buttons that you’d like to move into your Leads tab click on Add to Lead Campaign. *



6. You can move the selected leads into one of your existing campaigns or you can click New Lead Campaign which will create a new one. If you create a new campaign, you’ll need to enter a campaign name. 

We recommend being specific so that you can easily identify the type of leads in the campaign in the future. An example name for a Vacant, Absentee, Out Of State Owner campaign with a minimum square footage of 1,000 in Orange County California would be something like this: Orange Cnty / Vac / Abs/ OOSO / 1,000+ Sq Ft. 




Once the campaign has been created, FreedomSoft will start to move the selected leads over to that campaign. This process typically just takes a second or two but can take longer based on how many leads you are moving over. 


7. Once complete, you can then find your leads by clicking on My Campaigns in the Leads tab and then click onto the campaign that was just created. You should see the number of leads transferred over and all statuses will be New

  • At this point, you have a few options. Since the leads come in with both the owner of record’s name and their mailing address, you could go straight to direct mail from here.
  • Another popular option would be to skip trace the leads in order to obtain phone numbers. This can open up additional marketing options like text broadcasts and phone calls. 

You can find tutorials on FreedomSoft’s Direct Mail system, Skip Tracing, Text Broadcast, and Phone capabilities simply by searching for them at the top of this page in the Search box. 

Please note

  • We update the records for Lead Finder every month on the 28th. This means the data you have access to is never more than 30 days old. 
  • It also means that if you are interested in updating your campaigns and searches monthly, you should do this around the 29th or 30th so that our tech team has time to get the new data onto our servers.
  • And finally, Lead Finder WILL NOT create duplicates in your account. Every address has a unique identifier number tied to it that the system searches for when you move the leads into your campaigns. This allows you to update your campaigns month after month and only grab the new data. 

857px-Light_Bulb_or_Idea_Flat_Icon_Vector.svg.png Best practice tip:

Most FreedomSoft users are marketing from a single list of usually no more than 3000 leads. If your list is larger you can go back and add more filter/specifics at any time.


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