Simple Lead Distribution For Your Sales And Acquitisitons Team

Whether you are a team of 2 or 20+, FreedomSoft can help you to manage and distribute leads to your team in 3 simple steps to keep both you and them organized. Watch the video below as we show you the steps.


Step 1: Create a new Campaign called "WORKFLOW: (their name)

Step 2: Invite them into your FreedomSoft account and give them access to their new workspace campaign only.

Step 3: Create a new Status in the Workflow Automation tool called "Distribute to (their name)" and then tie the Distribute To Action item to the Status and select their Workspace campaign.


What this does is allow the leads manager on your team to simply change the status for the leads they want distributed to each team member and FreedomSoft automation will do the rest.


The short video below shows you exactly how to set the whole thing up and it won't take you but a few minutes.

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