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First 4 steps to closing deals in FreedomSoft.

  1. Get 100’s of Leads In Minutes - How To Use Lead Finder: Watch Tutorial
  2. Instant Organization - How To Manage Leads Automatically: Watch Tutorial
  3. Turn More Leads Into Profit - How To Use Workflow Automation: Watch Tutorial
  4. Uncover Lost Deals - How To Import Your Existing Leads: Watch Tutorial

As you learned, FreedomSoft’s Lead Finder makes it simple to get a list of thousands of leads with a few clicks.  FreedomSkip allows you to add phone numbers and email addresses to all those leads in just a few seconds.

Using your phone to contact a seller (or a buyer), has always been one of the best ways to turn more leads into profit!


Need more leads? Watch these 4 videos to learn how.

  • Learn how to use FreedomSkip to get phone numbers fast: Watch Tutorial
  • Discover how to get leads using a simple Text campaign: Watch Tutorial
  • Learn how to get leads using a Cold Call/Dialer campaign: Watch Tutorial
  • Never Miss A Lead - How To Use Your Existing Phone #’s: Watch Tutorial


Document Generator and Electronic Signing tools.

Watch the 2 videos below (and if you have a team), share these with them immediately. 

  • Making Offers Using FreedomSofts Document Generator: Watch Tutorial
  • Getting Paperwork Signed Using FreedomSofts Digital Signing: Watch Tutorial

Your team will love this.  No more importing, exporting.  It’s just all built in. 


Launch your website in under 5 minutes…

  • How to set up and edit your websites to get them online and looking good.: Website Tutorial #1
  • How to list properties on your websites, how to create and edit web forms and how to really take your sites to the next level: Website Tutorial #2
  • How to customize your webforms to make them look amazing, link directly to a lead campaign, and trigger automations instantly: Website Tutorial #3

A website and an online presence isn’t just for capturing leads, it’s to establish your credibility as well. The problem is, most real estate investors are not web developers and don’t even know where to start.


Estimate Rehab like a PRO with with our Rehab Estimator.

What if you or anyone on your team could get accurate rehab estimates in just minutes? FreedomSoft’s Repair Cost Estimator does just that. 

It works in 3 Simple Steps

1. EXISTING PROPERTY DETAILS: Enter a few things about the current property and the current condition using a couple simple input fields and a few dropdown menus.

2. AFTER REPAIR PROPERTY DETAILS: Enter a little about what you’d like the property to look like after your rehab is complete. Again, using just a few fields and a couple dropdown lists. 

3. LOCAL MARKET ADJUSTMENT: Enter the city and state the property is located in FreedomSoft will automatically make the adjustments on your estimate to reflect labor, equipment, and materials prices in your local area. 


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