Exporting Leads, Records, Buyers, Properties and Contacts From FreedomSoft

In this short article, you'll find the simple steps to export any of your leads, records, buyers and contacts from FreedomSoft. In a nutshell, you simply select them and then click Export which is found in the orange More Actions button. The process for all records in your account will be exactly the same.

To export seller leads, click into the campaign where the leads reside from the My Campaigns page in the Leads tab on the main dashboard. From there, click the View All button on the right side of the page. To export all leads in that particular campaign, click All Leads on the left side of the page. To export only the leads in a certain group, click into that group.

(Note - If you are looking to export all seller leads in your account, go to the Seller Leads page in the Leads tab, click Seller Leads and then click All Leads on the left side of the screen.)

Then select all of the leads. You can do that by clicking on the 2 checked boxes icon which will select the 20 on the page and then click in the blue banner where it gives you the option to Select All.


Once selected, click Export in the orange More Actions button. You'll select a name for the file and tell your computer or device where to save the file and it will be exported to .CSV format.


Exporting Buyer Leads, Properties, Buyers and Contacts works in exactly the same way.


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