Can I integrate Ringless Voicemail (RVM) into Freedomsoft automatically?

RVM is not built into F$ and likely, given the legal liability it poses to everyone, never will be. For those of you who choose to run RVM and take the risk, here's how we would suggest building automation:

Add an Action to a Workflow Status to trigger Copy To Group

1 - Create A Lead Group = RVM Follow-up
2 - Create or Edit a Workflow Status such as Cold Follow-up
3 - Add an Action to Cold Follow-up to Copy Lead To Group

i.e. When Status = Cold Follow-up > Copy Lead to RVM Follow-up

What this will is always organize your leads into an RVM group so it's easy to run an RVM campaign any time you choose by selecting the group and exporting from F$ so you can import into Slybroadcast or another RVM solution.

Your Lead Management will always be organized and this will allow you run an external lead campaign around a certain grouping of leads at any time in minutes.

NOTE: I said use the Copy to Group action and NOT the Move to Group action. The reason is because Copy to leaves the lead in your primary lead management display, like Inbox, but groups them (like applying a tag) for easy reference into the copied location.

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