Importing Leads, Lists, Buyers and Contacts Into FreedomSoft


We have made it very simple for you to import any of your existing leads whether they are seller leads, buyer leads, property leads, or contacts into your FreedomSoft account. The video above will show you how to set up campaigns in FreedomSoft for seamless organization and then how to import your leads straight into those campaigns. No matter what system you're coming to FreedomSoft from, be that pen and paper or another software platform, you can be sure that your leads will be organized from Day 1 following our import steps.


To import you will need a CSV file. To create a .CSV file, simply click Save As in Xcel, change the file type to “.CSV (comma delimited) and then proceed to save the document. 

  • You can import leads, properties, buyers, and contacts into FreedomSoft and all data imports work the same way. 

Best practice: Always set up a campaign first for your leads. If you have one already for the import, you can skip setting up a new one. 

  1. Create a new lead campaign unless you already have one in place that you want the imported leads placed into. 
    • To create a new Campaign, click My Campaigns which is found in the Leads tab in FreedomSoft, and then click the big, blue New Campaign button.
    • Give it a specific name, select the campaign type that most accurately fits the lead types that you’ll be importing. If the leads aren’t from a direct mail or a website, go ahead and select Manual to type. 
    • Select Buyers or Sellers from the 3rd drop down based on the lead type that you’ll be importing. 
    • Click the blue Create Leads Campaign button and you’ll be immediately taken into that new campaign. 
  2. We find it best to remove any blank or unneeded columns from your CSV file before doing the import so now is a great time to do that. For most spreadsheets, you can right-click on the column header field and click Delete. 
  3. Once your file has been cleaned up, click the blue Import Records button at the bottom of the campaign screen. It will show you the campaign you are uploading to. 


4. The next step is to select the CSV file from your computer.



It’s easiest if your CSV file has column headers in Row 1. If it does, leave the Column Headers button selected. If it does not, you’ll need to click the Data button.




You can also select a group if you want to at this step but it is not required. Groups are just ways to further organize your leads within a campaign. Once your selections have been made, go ahead and click the Next Step arrow.


5. The next step is where you’ll drag and drop the blue rectangles

  • The blue rectangles represent the column headers from your CSV file.
  • The empty fields on the left are all of the FreedomSoft fields that you can drag the data into. 

Example: The blue rectangle called Address is the property address so it gets dragged and dropped into the Property Address field on the left. 

Note: the video above on this process is helpful if you need to see this step in action.


You will be primarily using the Property and Primary Contact tabs on the left side of the screen. If you do have Secondary Contacts for the leads being imported, you can also use the Secondary Contact tab.


Once you have all of the blue rectangles moved over into your FreedomSoft fields, go ahead and click the Next Step arrow.



6. Give everything a quick glance on the Preview screen and if all looks good, go ahead and click the checkmark to complete the import.


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