What Do I Do When Gmail & IFTTT Don't Work?

If you've set up a new Lead Swiper campaign and aren't getting leads...the problem could be that that IFTTT and Gmail sometimes don't play well together.  So, if you've set-up a Lead Swiper campaign and are not getting new leads, here are a few ways to troubleshoot the issue.

First, check this link to see if there is an IFTTT-Gmail outage. 

IFTTT Gmail Outage Report


Second, if there is not an outage, double check how you have set-up the campaign and make sure everything is correct (ie. make sure you posted the correct email address). 

Sometimes, if you have too narrow of search criteria, there simply may not be leads generated immediately.  Give it some time because you'll only get leads when new classified posting are published.

That said, there is a simple alternative solution if there is a real IFTTT-Gmail outage. 



Gmail Alternative:

To solve the Gmail issues, instead of using Gmail, simply use the Email action (see steps below).  To add the Freedom$oft campaign email, you'll simply edit the email address in Step 6, from your IFTTT account email to the Freedom$oft Leads Campaign Email Address for the campaign you want to send the leads to.

Here's how to do it step by step:

Step 1: Choose a service


Step 2: Complete trigger fields



Step 3: Select Email INSTEAD of Gmail if there is an IFTTT/Gmail outage



Step 4: Choose action (Click the blue box that says "Send me an email"



Step 5: Complete action fields



Step 6: Enter Your Campaign Email Address From Freedom$oft Here


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    Barry Dennis

    I set up my IFTTT account went to search for Classified and I didn't get anything. So I searched for Craigslist and got some applets, but when I tried to set them up it gave me error code 404 and to look for something else. There are several applets for Craigslist to gmail, but all gave me 404 error code.

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