How To Port Your Current Phone Numbers Into Freedom$oft

Porting your current phone numbers from your existing phone carrier is pretty simple.  It just takes a few pieces of paper for us to start and process the request.

We'll share the steps below:

Step 1:
Download the Letter of Authorization form attached to the end of this article, fill it out, and sign it.  The information submitted on the Letter of Authorization must match the authorized user name and service address provided by your current carrier.

Step 2:
Scan a copy of your most recent phone bill and make sure that it includes your Owner/Authorized user name and address information for all the numbers you'd like to port.

Step 3:
Submit (1) the PDF copy of your signed Letter of Authorization (2) the scanned PDF copy of (a) your most recent phone bill, or (b) a screenshot of your account showing the phone numbers, or (c) a screenshot of your billing showing the phone numbers to the Freedom$oft Support Team at support [at] with the following email subject line: PHONE PORT REQUEST

Once we receive your Phone Port Request, we will submit it to your current carrier. 

Please know that we do not have control over the timing of the port request, that is in the hands of your current carrier. 

However, we process a lot phone numbers into Freedom$oft and most port requests are completed by the current carrier within 10 to 15 days.  

When the port is initiated by your current carrier, we will be notified, and we can then "complete the port request", making the phone number immediately available in your account.

NOTE: Once the port is complete, Freedom$oft will use the CC on file to process your phone number billing.

Also remember to log in to your Freedom$oft account and Edit the phone settings such as your voicemail, live answer, call forwarding, call schedule, and auto-replies as desired.


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