Leads are a place to collect information about potential sellers and properties. You might notice that the leads look very similar to properties, this is because they are basically the same with a few minor differences:

  • Leads are properties that you do not yet own, but might be interested in
  • Leads don’t have property specific tools, such as: syndication, broadcasts, or construction estimates

You can also convert leads to properties, once you’ve secured a contract.

Creating a New Lead


Here are a few ways to make a new lead in FreedomSoft:

 The easiest way is to click the “Add Lead” buttons throughout the Buyer and Seller leads section; these can be found on the Dashboard.

Or My Leads pages. This will bring up a form with fields for a seller contact and property address. There is also the option of selecting a lead campaign for the lead to be a part of.

Another way of creating leads are lead campaigns, which will automatically create leads based on their settings.


Working With Leads



Every property starts as a lead within FreedomSoft. Once you’ve come to an agreement with the seller, you can switch the lead to the CONTRACT PENDING or UNDER CONTRACT status and you will be prompted to convert the lead to a property.


You can also convert the lead to a property at any time using the additional actions drop down menu on your lead.




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