Keyboard Shortcuts

FreedomSoft now integrates the use of Keyboard Shortcuts. With Keyboard Shortcuts, you can now browse through and get tasks within FreedomSoft much quicker. Below is a list of the current Keyboard Shortcuts for FreedomSoft. Please feel free to begin using them in your everyday workflow.


Please note that you must click the keys in the listed order. For example, if the shortcut is listed as “g then d,”you must click the “g” key and then click on the “d” key. This will take you to the Dashboard.

Certain Keyboard Shortcuts can only be used in certain areas of the site. We’ve titled them accordingly.


On Dashboard

a then p:: Add Property

a then b:: Add Buyer

a then c::  Calendar

a then t:: Add Task

c:: Calendar

Property Search Screen

a– Add Property

r– Run Comps

i– Import List

Buyer Search Screen

i– Import List

Contact Search Screen

i– Import List

On Any Screen

g then d:: Go to Dashboard

g then p:: Go to Property Search Screen

g then b:: Go to Buyer Search Screen

g then r:: Go to Comps

g then m then p:: Go to Private Lenders

g then m then o:: Go to OfferBot

g then m then d:: Go to Direct Mail

g then m then e:: Go to Email Broadcasts

g then a:: My Account

g then s:: Settings

b then a then c then k:: Goes back one page using window.history.back()

l then o then g then o then u then t :: Logs the user out

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