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John March 4, 2013

Tip: One of the best ways to find what you're looking for is to use your browsers Find feature. Simply press Control + F on Windows or Command + F on a Mac. You'll then be given a find box in which you can type in a keyword to search the page. As always, if you don't find what you're looking for, please feel free to email us at support(at)



Q - I can't log in. How do I reset my password?

A - I'm sorry that you're unable to login. Please go to to reset your password. 

Q - What browsers do you recommend with FreedomSoft?

A - We recommend the use of Firefox and Google Chrome. These browsers have a history of staying updated with the latest web technologies. They also tend to render FreedomSoft a lot better. 

Q - I'm receiving an "Oops..." page. What do I do?

A - Although we catch most of the errors, some are inevitably missed. Please be sure to check the change log first at If you don't see a similar issue listed there, please email support with as much detail about the issue as possible. 

Q - How do I preview the Premium Direct Mail Templates?

A - When running through the campaign setup, you should see an Eye icon on the right hand side when you're instructed to choose a template. If you click on this eye, you'll be presented with a preview of the template.

Here's an example:


Q - How do I take a Screen shot or Screencast?

A - Screenshot can help greatly when reporting an error to support. It's also extremely useful if you want to show a friend or colleague what you see. You can learn how to take a screenshot if you go to  

Even better then Screenshot are screencasts. Screencasts are recording of your screen.  There are free options at or

Q - What are the prices for the Premium Direct Mail campaigns?

A - Premium Campaigns pricing may vary by letter type and leads. The best way to see how much a premium campaign is going to cost is to run through the setup wizard. Don't worry, you won't be charged until you enter billing information and confirm the order. So, its safe to run through. 

Q - How do I change my Password?

A - You can change your password in your My Account Area. Simply click on your password, change it, and click on the check mark to save.

Q - How do I change my login email?

A - To change your email, please go to your My Account area. Then click on your email, click on "Manage Email," and then add your email address. Once you confirm your new address, please go back into your my account area, click on your email again, and choose your new email from the dropdown list. 

Q - How do I change the list price of a property on my website?

A - To change the list price, you would need to go to "Buyer Listings" in the "Edit Details" area of your buyers website. So, you would go to Settings >> Websites >> Edit Details >> Buyer Listings. Then you would click on the list price directly. Once you've made your changes, please be sure to click on the checkmark on the right to save it.

Please see example: 


Q - How do I change the status of a property on my website?

A - Please go to you "Edit Details" area of your website and choose "Buyer Listings." So, you would go to Settings >> Websites >> Edit Details >> Buyer Listings. Then click directly on the status of the property you'd like to change. The page will then allow you change the property status. Please be sure to click on the check mar on the right hand side to save your changes. 

Here's an example:


Q - What is the difference between Agent and Manager users?

A - The only difference is that Agents can't see the Settings area of your account. So, they wouldn't be able to make any critical changes to your account.

Q - How do I view the lock box information for my property on my whiteboard?

A - If you hover over the property on your whiteboard and then click on the pencil icon to the left, you'll be presented with the whiteboard information. This contains your lockbox code.



Q - How do I download the classroom videos?

A - We've recently added this ability because sometimes, you want to learn on the go. Please feel free to use the download icons located on the bottom right  side of the video. Simply right click and choose "Save As."



Q - Why is my lead still in my inbox when I've already grouped it?

A - When you group a lead, you're basically associating that lead with a group. It doesn't move it to a separate folder. If you would like to move it out of your inbox and into the folder, please use the "Move To" option.

Q - What's the difference between Custom Fields and Custom Variables?

A - We created a video just for this. Please see Custom Fields VS. Custom Variables

Q - Do I get FTP access to my websites?

A - Unfortunately, you don't receive FTP access with FreedomSoft Websites. You need to use the website editor to make your custom edits. 

Q - Can I keep my domains after creating them through FreedomSoft?

A - You sure can! =)

In order for us to transfer ownership of a domain you must complete the following steps:

1. Create a free account at our domain registrar:

NOTE: Please ensure you use a correct email address as this is the only way for us to identify whom to transfer the domains.

2. Send the email address along with the domain names you wish to transfer to with the subject: “Domain Ownership Transfer Request

3. We will process your request as soon as possible. Once this is completed you will receive an email from the registrar stating that the domains have been transferred.

Please note that if we transfer the domains to you, you are responsible for keeping them current and active.

Q - How do I create/edit a document template?

A - Please see our Manage Templates help topic. 

Q - Why are my contact emails for properties not showing in the list view? 

A - You need to tell FreedomSoft which contact is the primary contact for that lead. You can do this by clicking on the star icon next to the contact name. 



Q - How do I put properties on my website?

A - Please use the "Internet Syndicator" when you're inside of the property lead. This option is available on the left hand sidebar. Once the syndication is complete, you'll have your property on your website and any other third-party site you choose.


Q - How do I get my documents to show up in Offerbot?

A - In order for your document templates of document packages to show in the offerbot area, they must contain the three offerbot variables. To add these variables, go to Settings >> Templates ( and click on the edit icon for the template that you'd like to add it to. Click on anywhere on the page where you would like the offerbot variable to populate. Then click on the Property Variables and select one of the Offerbot variables. Once you've placed them on the document, be sure to save the template. You will now be able to see the template as a choice when setting up your offerbot campaign.




Q - How do I find leads other than MLS listings?

A - You can use the advanced form to search for different types of properties. Simply click on "Show Advance" in the upper right hand corner of the search box and you'll be able to enter in specific criteria.  

Q - How do I send offers through FreedomSoft if I don't have Offerbot?

A - FreedomSoft makes it easy to send offers. If you'd like to send individual offers, make sure the property is saved in the properties area. Then click on the downward arrow to the left of the "Save Property" button. Click on Generate Document and generate the contract offer that you'd like to use. Once generated, simply email that offer to the primary contact. 

Q - My website stays in Edit mode even when I'm not logged in. Why?

Your browser has cached the page.  If you go to a new browser and enter your website address, you will see the site as new viewers would see it.

Q - Why don't I see all my property listings when I view my website?

You have chosen to require new buyers to confirm their subscription before seeing all listings and you have signed yourself up as a buyer, but you have not yet confirmed your subscription.  You can see the preview (two listings) but you will not be able to see all the listings until you confirm.

Q - I only see two of the properties I have listed on my Buyer site.  What's wrong?

That is because you have the "Email confirmation required for full access to property listings" enabled.   If you confirm your email address as a buyer to your site, you will see all properties.

If you uncheck that box, you and future visitors to your site will see all properties.  However, you will give up the ability to advertise to these visitors through the autoresponder system.

Q - I don't see the Squeeze page for my website.  What happened to it?  

Don't be alarmed. You may not be able to see it but others will. You're just not seeing it because you added yourself as a buyer. This is done so buyers returning to your website don't have to put in their information again. If you delete your cookies for your website or look at it using another browser, you will see your squeeze page.

Q - I went on to Google and I don't see my web site.  Is it on there?

It takes time for search engines to crawl the internet and index sites. We have no control over this.

Q - Do you have any guidance on selecting names for website setup in Freedomsoft?                  

That is a business decision that you must make. We have no recommendations as far as business names and domains go.


 Premium Direct Mail

Q - What happens if I upload my own list that has more leads than the letter templates purchased?

We'll start with printing the leads that come first on the list that you provided. We'll only print the amount of letters that you've purchased. Any extra leads will be discarded.

Q - What will they be printed on?

Letters will be printed on white, 70# offset paper stock, in full color, and fully personalized based on the merge fields that you filled in on Step 2 (Your Information). We will stuff the letter into a #10 regular envelope, print your return address on the envelope, and mail it standard pre-sort postage (bulk rate).

Postcards will be printed in full color both sides on 10 point C1S stock. We will mail postcards with pre-printed indicias, and mail all postcards using standard postage (bulk rate).

Q - Do you remove duplicates?

Yes. We remove duplicate names so that property owners that own more than one property only receive one mailer. However, please realize that removing duplicates is not an exact science. We can only recognize a duplicate if the name and address match. If an owner creates an LLC for each property he owns, but they all mail to the same address, they will get one mailer for each LLC name.

Q - When will they be mailed?

You can expect the first mail piece to go out in 7 to 10 days.

Q - When will they be delivered?

Please allow 2-3 weeks from the date of the mail drop for the letters/postcards to arrive in the mailboxes of the recipients. We will automatically add your name and address to the list so that you get a "seed" letter/postcard as well.

Q - Are returns refundable?

No. You will get returns. They are not refundable. No list is perfect. We run every list through CASS and NCOA certification to make it as deliverable as possible.

Q - Can I have the mailing list?

Yes. We'll send you an email informing you when your mailing has been dropped. If you ordered a new mailing list, we will attach the mailing list we used to this email as well.

Q - Can I use my own template?

No. You will be required to use one of the templates we provide for you.


Q - What is your refund policy?

A - We have a 30-day refund policy. If at any time you feel that this is not right for you, all you have to do is close your account or email billing for a refund on a specific purchase. 

If you would like to, please read the purchase agreement

Q - How do I close/cancel my account?

A - We're sorry to see you go and appreciate your business. We've tried to make cancellation as easy as possible for our members. If you would like to close your account, please go to Settings >> Subscriptions & Billing >> Close My Account. 

Q - I'm a manger on the account. Why can't I cancel the account?

A - For safety reasons, we only allow the account owner/creator to close an account. If you're not an owner, you would need to contact the owner to have him/her close the account. 

Q - Who do I email if I have a billing issue? 

A - We certainly hope our valuable members never have one but if you do, please email us at right away. We'd be more then happy to help you with that.


Q - How can I leave a testimonial?

A - We would LOVE to hear your testimonial on how FreedomSoft has helped you! Please submit your testimonial to and put "Testimonial" in the subject line. 

Q - Do you guys have a phone number for support?

A - We sure do. Please feel free to contact us by phone at 888-866-2853

Q - Do you guys have a Facebook Account?

A - We sure do! We'd love to have you as a part of our social community. Please go to and like our page. We do our best to publish improvements, tips, and more to our page. We look forward to seeing you there. :)

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